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Kaftan Dress that Matches Your Body Type

Monday 22 October 2018 at 06:37 am.

Just because it’s a dress does not mean one style would apply to all.  There are different styles and designs of kaftan that would fit your taste and most importantly you body type.  Picking a dress that complements your figure would not just let you get appreciated by other people but above all you gain self confidence.  Check on some important points below when you think of buying a kaftan dress.

Rectangular Figure

This body shape is distinguished by straight shoulders and hip.  Women with this figure have lean waistline together with slender arms and legs.

**Best dress:  Cotton or sheer fabric kaftans with illusionary motifs on them, loud colors with abstract designs, kaftans with contemporary designs. If you are more curious about amanis then you can learn more about it on www.amanis.com.

Pear Figure

You could easily notice this body type by its narrow shoulder and bust while displaying heavy hips. 

**Best dress:  Kaftans with wider chest patterns for heavier look, kaftan dress with embellishments around the chest area while having minimum to zero designs at the lower part of the dress, kaftans cut just above or below the hip to create little attention to it.

Apple Figure

This is identified by round shoulder, heavy bust with narrow lower portion of the body.

**Best dress:  kaftans with zero to minimum upper designs, straight kaftans made of soft fabric to make it flowy, kaftans with dark color ideally black.

Hourglass Figure

This is the ideal body figure every woman wants to have.  This is identified with a curvy body and slim waistline. 

**Best dress: Any type of dress will do but one may choose wrap-up kaftans to accentuate the waist, still you may check on those with designs on chest area

Lean Figure

Being lean does not stop a woman from looking like a lady. 

**Best dress: kaftan dress with pleated work, avoid kaftans with junk patterns because they would make you look thinner.