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Is This For Real? Weirdest Places to Have Your Tattoos

Sunday 21 October 2018 at 04:57 am.

People can get as crazy as they want in terms of decorating their body. There’s no limit to the number of piercings a person can have. Nobody should tell you what color to dye your hair. And most importantly, it’s always up to you on what tattoo you want to get. But in some cases, people get inked at places in their body that are very unusual. Below are some odd body areas that people may have their captain america tattoo or any kind of ink for that matter on tattooli.com.



How often do you see a person with a tattoo on a forehead? How much more if you see that the only tattoo he has is on his forehead? Adventurous people can get as crazy as they want and do this. Believe it or not, there are some people who get inked on this part of the body. People who have their entire bodies covered in tattoo are usually the ones who have forehead tattoos. And it’s even much rare to find someone to have only one tattoo on their body and it’s on his forehead.



People can go and get a full sleeve tattoo the way they want it. But it’s quite rare for them to include their armpits. There are reasons for this. First, tattoo artists may find it hard to stabilize the surface of the armpit. It’s a very loose type of skin which can be difficult to sketch on. It allows much room for mistake. On the other side, people generally have sensitive armpits. Getting a tattoo on this area may affect their sweat glands and in turn affect their overall health.



The most adventurous kinds of people even find it difficult to have a tattoo on their eyes. But it’s not far from happening. There are people who go the extra mile and even get the most sensitive part of their body tattooed. It’s a tough act to do. But if the artist can do it and the client can bear it, then what’s stopping them?