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Saturday 03 November 2018 at 08:30 am.
Are you interested to have a fire sprinkler installed in your house or in your business establishment? If yes, it will be better if you have some information about it and the different types available. In this article, I will discuss the different types of sprinkler system and I hope that you will find the one that is best for your needs. Learn about Sprinkler systems Kent on www.systematikmande.co.uk.

Wet pipe system

This system is composed of steel pipes that are filled with water. The water is being held by a moderate pressure and once the sprinkler head is activated, the water will be released right away. That means there is no lag time in the process. This type is commonly used in residential areas since this is cheaper and it also requires low maintenance. This type is not recommended in places where there is cold weather because the pipe may freeze.

Dry pipe system

With this type, the pipe is not filled with water. It is actually filled with pressure and it holds back the water through a control valve. Once the sprinkler head is activated, that is the time the valve will release the compressed air so the water can fill the pipes. This system is much slower than the wet pipe system but this is intended for places that experience winter season.

Alternate systems

This system works in two ways. During the summer season, you can fill it water to work like the wet pipe system. During the winter season, the system can be drained and filled with pressurized air.

Pre-action systems

This system has variations of both the wet and dry pipe systems. It needs to be triggered twice before water will be released through the sprinkler head. This system is advantageous in a way because it protects against false activation.